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Available in our office. Almost all comments have been written in Spanish by our students and translated to English

Learning Spanish here is interesting and fun, and that is how learning should be!

🇺🇸 Bradley Sorock

I am more motivated than ever to improve my Spanish skills. I HIGHLY recommend Habla Hispana. All the best to you Enrique – you are a very gifted teacher.

🇺🇸 Therese Doyle

The teachers here are very helpful and patient. They made learning Spanish easier and fun. If you want to learn Spanish, this is definitely the place.

🇺🇸 Mike Taish

If you want to learn Spanish at the best Spanish school inSan Miguel, this is it! The teachers run the school themselves; they are very experienced, the energy here is high! I highly recommend it!

🇺🇸 Katrina Greene

It is a familiar setting, but professional too. There is a beautiful garden, a fountain, and so much generosity and hospitality. The teachers are the best you can find in San Miguel. I am sincerely satisfied.

🇧🇷 Roberto Silveira

The teachers are fantastic, the building is very nice. if I can study Spanish in Mexico once again I will choose this Spanish school.

🇯🇵 Ikoko Ariswawa

I learned a great deal of Spanish and also had a very pleasant time. After only two weeks of Spanish classes, despite the fact that I am 65 years old, I found that I could understand Spanish (spoken slowly) without mentally translating it.

🇨🇦 Claude Garrod

Our time in this Spanish school has been very happy.

🇨🇦 Patrick and Patricia Turner

It is the best Spanish school in San Miguel. I heard that also from other people during my stay. The Spanish teachers are flexible, very experienced and lovable. It feels like a family.

🇺🇸 Theresa Vandover

The lessons are very interesting and I learned a lot of Spanish from the best teachers in San Miguel.

🇺🇸 Benn Finer

Great place to learn Spanish. The teachers are fabulous and they are wonderful people to be around.

🇺🇸 Janice Sanders

The environment is friendly, the teachers are highly qualified, I highly recommend this Spanish school!

🇨🇭 Tatiana Pedrotti

The Spanish teachers are very patient and caring. I recommend this Spanish school for everyone

🇮🇹 Sandro Capobianchi

I had a great time. All the teachers were high energy, very talented educators. I'll send any friends that want to learn Spanish down here.

🇺🇸 Brady Robinson

I have studied in other Spanish schools and I would rate this school as first class. The teachers are tops! I highly recommend this Spanish school.

🇺🇸 Patricia Robison

.. curriculum is very well organized and structured. The grammar and vocabulary classes are well coordinated. ... Thank you for a great 4 weeks.

🇺🇸 Sandra Shewry

We liked Spanish classes a lot but even more the teachers. We will be back

🇺🇸 Sandy Nunzmaker and Dave Winter

This school is fantastic! Teachers are very talented and patient.

🇺🇸 Barbara S.

What a surprise to find so many lovable friends at this school. Thank you for your patience and humor !

🇺🇸 Tony Cohen

This is the best school in San Miguel .... teachers are kind, fun and excellent ... the feeling here is much better than any other school in town.

🇨🇦 Frida and Pamela

My Spanish improved a lot. Thank you for your help.

🇺🇸 J. M. Ankale

You are the best! I will be back..

🇺🇸 Mary Quagliata.

My mother and me had a very pleasant time here. Your classes are the best.

🇺🇸 Molly and Lynn Campbell

We studied at Habla Hispana only 3 weeks and we learned a lot.....

🇺🇸 John and Sandy

Thank you so much for the excellent lessons, the personal attention we received by the teachers and the great experience.

🇺🇸 Bill and Barbara

Last month I attended your school for three weeks. I wanted to thank you for the great experience I had ......

🇺🇸 Gail Harris

Thank you for all. It has been a great experience. I think that your school is the best in San Miguel and I will recommend it to all my friends.

🇺🇸 Drew Logan

We have learned here for a week and we enjoyed it very much. The teachers are great and so is the staff. Thank you!

🇩🇪 Maya, Zohar, Jeannette

... with great surprise I found myself understanding up to 75% of conversation on the 3rd week of instructions... I recommend Habla Hispana to everyone who wants to improve conversational skills ...

🇺🇸 Robert Rylance

Thank you for your help and support. I learned Spanish and understood much more of San Miguel and Mexican culture ... .

🇺🇸 Rose H.

I have attended 3 different Spanish language schools in the past 6 months, and recommend Habla Hispana as being the best by far. Teachers are all very experienced professionals who know their material, how to present it, and how to make their classes fun and interesting.

🇺🇸 Peter Divine

My time here has been incredible! ... After a month I thought: what a great school! After the second month: What great teachers! After third month: What great friends! And now, after the fourth month, I feel like I have a new family.

🇺🇸 Tathy Carter

Thank you teachers! When I arrived here I could not speak nor understand a single Spanish word. Now I can communicate in Spanish, just a little but I can!


The one thought that come to my mind the most is that I will miss school for the first time in my life.

🇺🇸 Kristin Bryant

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