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about San Miguel

This colonial gem is situated about 160 miles north of Mexico City and still today it remains a relatively untouched antique city of the old world. There is a blessed absence of traffic lights, parking meters, billboards, and neon signs.

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How to Get to San Miguel de Allende

Looking for cheap fares to Leon airport(BJX) or Mexico City airport (MEX) ?
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From Mexico City Airport
(about 3 hours and half)
From Leon Airport (BJX)
(about 75 minutes)
Escorted transportation**:
(Directly to your accommodation in San Miguel)
  • $250 (U.S.) by private car (up to 3 people)
  • $300 (U.S.) by minivan (up to 6 people)

From the Mexico City Airport:

  • AEREOPLUS : 8:30, 11:00, 14:00, 15:30, 17:00, 18:15, 19:45, 20:45

    AEREOPLUS (tel.442-2290090) provides bus service between Queretaro and the Mexico City Airport, arriving and departing from the airport at "SALA D". (3.25 hours travel time)

    At Queretaro, you need to cross the street to the second class bus terminal and take either a Flecha Amarilla or Herradura de Plata bus to San Miguel de Allende. The Flecha Amarilla leaves for San Miguel every 40 minutes, and the Herradura de Plata runs every 30 minutes, 5:00 a.m. to 10:20 p.m. Travel time is 1 hour.

From the North Bus Terminal
(You can buy a taxi ticket to "Central de Autobuses del Norte" in the airport.)

First class:

  • Primera Plus (tel.415-1526407):
    7:00, 11:15, and 17:40
  • ETN (tel. 415-1526407):
    7:40, 10:00, 13:00, 16:20
  • Pegaso Plus (tel. 415-1520725):
    15:55, 23:00

Second class:

  • Flecha Amarilla (tel. 415-1520084) :
    hourly from 6:00 to 19:00
  • Herradura de Plata: (tel. 415-1520725)
    hourly from 5:00
Escorted Transportation**:
(Directly to your accommodation in San Miguel)
  • $80 (U.S.) by private car (up to 3 persons)

Or take a taxi to the Leon Bus Terminal then:

  • Primera Plus
    (tel. 415-1520084)
    12:30, 16:15, 18:10

*We try in keep bus schedules updated but we surely suggest you to call the companies to confirm departure schedule and for pricing info.
** To arrange escorted transportation through the school at the prices published above, please simply email your complete flight information, including arrival date and time, airline, flight number, and arrival airport (Mexico City or Leon) to info@mexicospanish.com
The school do not cover any fee nor take any commission on pick-up services, we just offer a free reservation service to our students only.
There are in town other providers offering shared transportation service from and to Leon airpor for a cost per person on the $25 US range.Two of them are:
Viajes Vertiz Tel. 01152 415 1521856 Email: vvertiz@unisono.net.mx
Viajes de San Miguel Tel. 01152 415 1522832 email: travelsm@prodigy.net.mx
The above agencies offer pick up service by MiniVan on a reservation basis and they are surely good travel agencies but for what we know there is the possibility that if there were no sufficient reservations for a specific schedule they might cancel the service at their sole discretion.
That for our school can not manage reservation with them as we would not be able to check the status of every single reservation.
However you might consider to contact them directly and if they guarantee you the service 100% for your arrival schedule then you might reserve with them as the cost is surely lower than the private cars reserved by the school.
Learn Spanish in a friendly and personalized environment at Habla Hispana Spanish Language School in San Miguel de Allende, colonial gem of Mexico.
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