Angélica Rodríguez

Director of Habla Hispana, Spanish language school

Graduate in Spanish of the "Instituto Tecnolgico of San Luis Potosi'." She has been teaching Spanish as a second language for over twenty years. Angélica is the founder and the director of the "Instituto Habla Hispana" and also teaches spanish and Mexican cooking.

Angélica, in November 1996, realized her dream by opening her own Spanish language school.

She recruited her finest colleagues, the best Spanish teachers of San Miguel, who were delighted to embark on this collaborative, Mexican-owned and operated Spanish language institute. Together with them, she developed the innovative, communicative Habla Hispana didactic method.

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Angelica, Spanish teacher and didactic Director of Habla Hispana

Student's comments

"The one thought that come to my mind the most is that I will miss school for the first time in my life."

"Despite the fact that I am 65 years old, I found that I could understand Spanish (spoken slowly) without mentally translating it."

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About Classes

The goal of the Spanish classes at Habla Hispana is to enable students to communicate effectively. Emphasis is placed on verbal interaction in the classroom, and class placement is based more on verbal fluency than on academic knowledge...