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about San Miguel

This colonial gem is situated about 160 miles north of Mexico City and still today it remains a relatively untouched antique city of the old world. There is a blessed absence of traffic lights, parking meters, billboards, and neon signs.

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Why learn Spanish with us?

Our team of highly qualified professors, with an average of twenty years experience in teaching Spanish as a second language, has designed a practical, dynamic, and communicative method to learn Spanish in a spontaneous and natural way.

All activities are in Spanish with an emphasis on improving speaking and listening skills. With the interaction of language, culture and society, learning is not confined to the classroom.

Each one-month term includes 80 hours of intensive Spanish in a classroom of 10 students maximum, plus  24 hours of cultural and fun afternoon activities such as: Mexican songs classes, Mexican cooking classes and guided walking tours of San Miguel de Allende.

We offer a very comfortable, affordable, accomodation option at our Habla Hispana Residence on same school grounds as well as homestay program if you would like to enjoy a total immersion in the Spanish language and Mexican culture. On alternative there are a wide variety of hotels in San Miguel de Allende, suitable to any budget, as well as apartments and houses for rent.

We are a family managed small business, we do our best to offer a very high quality service while keeping tuition and accomodation fees at a reasonable level.
Here some pricing samples:
A student coming alone can complete a 4 week Spanish program and house in private suite at our residence for 28 nights, for only $1260 US or he can house with a family, including meals, for only $1288 US.
A marriage can study Spanish for 4 weeks and enjoy a comfortable double suite, for 28 nights, for just $1960 US total ($980 US per person) or they can house with a local family, all meals included, for $2296 US total ($1148 US per person).

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Learn Spanish in a friendly and personalized environment at Habla Hispana Spanish Language School in San Miguel de Allende, colonial gem of Mexico.
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student's comments

"The one thought that come to my mind the most is that I will miss school for the first time in my life."

"Despite the fact that I am 65 years old, I found that I could understand Spanish (spoken slowly) without mentally translating it."

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